Andrea Maciula Peters


Andrea Maciula Peters is a Stillwater native & OSU alum. The past few years she worked privately with families focusing on Sensory Development using her early childhood training in Montessori theory (from OCU). She adores forest schools and Waldorf theories and tries to incorporate all three into her sessions. These workshops are full of the right materials for your toddler to safely explore art, science, language skills, and develop a love of learning through play.

The goals of the sensorial materials are to educate through activity we are not sharpening the senses but instead we are helping the child know what they see. We show them how to compare, contrast, discriminate, and to put different sense impressions into some kind of order. Developing sensorial skills helps to lay foundation for reading, writing, and mathematics by engaging the child’s hand and mind. My mentor Maria Montessori believed that in order to acquire the elaborate culture we live in, the child needs the help of the sensorial materials to make foundations for intellectual education. When the child can learn something about discrimination of size, can control fingers to make steady accurate movements and when the child has perseverance this brings success and knowledge.