Say What Now? Chorophobia!!

  • Posted on: 19 February 2016
  • By: sachin.gupta

Chorophobia is defined as an irrational fear of dancing. Up to a few days ago, I was totally unaware of this medical condition that keeps people from dancing. Like any other phobia it is irrational, could be caused by a multitude of factors including childhood experience, family experience etc. and like any other phobia it is very real and very scary.

Now, before you start nodding your head thinking 'Yes, that exactly what I must have' and before you start reaching for your phone to set up an appointment with a psychologist, remember, chorophobia is extremely rare, as rare as fear of the sun, french culture, horses, bald people and trees. It is more likely that you just feel out of place in social situations and social dancing is the pinnacle of social situations.

Most of us incorrectly think that dancing is a skill and that there is a right way and a wrong way to dance. Now, if you have ever moved your body, shaked your head or tapped your feet to your favorite song, you are already dancing. The difficult part is to get yourself to actively participate on the dance floor instead of passively participating from the sidelines. So how do you get the extra boost of confidence that propels you towards the dance floor? This is what I think:

1.  Attend a dance social: You don't have to dance. Just check out the scene. See if the music moves you. Meet some new people. Make some new friends. Another way to achieve this, is to have a significant other who loves dancing and get him/her to drag you to a dance social :-)

2. Don't give up: I went to over 10 dance socials before I ventured on the dance floor. I have friends who thought the only kind of dance they could do was the chicken dance but went to several socials, caught the dance bug and are some of the best dancers I know now. 

3. Take some private classes: Yes it will cost you money. But in the long run it will make you a happier person. Besides learning how to dance, you may also get some brownie points from your significant other.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice: Put on some music in the morning when you are brushing your teeth and break out in to some dance moves. Cooking is so much more fun when your feet are moving to some beat.

5. Don't give a crap: So what if you are at a latin dancing social and only know how to 2-step. I routinely go to country dancing and do salsa and bachata on the dance floor. Just find a beat and make it work for you. Dance socials are not about showing off, they are about enjoying yourself.

6.  Be someone else: So you are shy but would like to be better at social situations. Put on some different kind of clothes/shoes/makeup and pretend you are someone else for the night. 

7. Be like Matt: Because Matt is awesome. He dances with anyone and everyone and does not care how bad or good he is at it. Everyone else thinks Matt is cool and wants to be like Matt. Check out this video of Matt dancing in a bunch of countries an being awesome.

In Conclusion: The only way you have two left feet is if you are carrying a left rabbit foot with you for luck.