Ballet and Modern Dance Classes

Creative and Modern Dance Classes for kids

About Megan Hardy

Megan has always loved movement. She grew up training in ballet and modern. She performed, choreographed, traveled, and held leadership roles in her high school’s modern performing dance company. She represented her high school as the dance scholar in the State Sterling Scholar program. She earned her bachelor’s degree in modern dance from BYU. During her studies there, she choreographed and performed with the modern team Dancensemble and held leadership roles with SDEO. She studied human anatomy, dance kinesiology, and dance conditioning. She spent a summer abroad studying dance at the Beijing Dance Academy. Since graduation she has taught creative children’s dance and has offered community outreach programs in dance education. She enjoys all kinds of movement including aerobics, yoga, Zumba, and more.  She is a mom of 3 boys and is new to Stillwater with her husband’s job at OSU.

Class Description Ages 3-5, Tuesdays-3:30 pm or Tuesdays-4:00pm (first class free) $35 per month

Creative children’s dance is the perfect introduction to ballet and modern dance. Young dancers will learn sound dance technique in a fun and creative way. Often they will be “playing” or “acting out a story” when in reality we are stretching and strengthening different muscle groups and teaching correct alignment and dance positions. Young dancers will be encouraged to explore movement with fun improvisational play experiences that foster creativity.

Please wear: Comfortable clothes to move in. Hair tied up. Bare feet.

Class Description Ages 6-11, Thursdays 3:30 (first class free) $65 per month

Modern dance is built on ballet fundamentals. What sets modern dance apart from a ballet class is the expression, improvisation, and exploration of artistic elements. Dancers will gain a sound foundation of classical dance technique. We will work on strength, flexibility, and conditioning. Their creativity will be nurtured as they get opportunities to explore and create their own movement. If you’re tired of dance being all about glam and competition, then this class is for you. This class refreshingly presents dance as an art education experience, not a part of the entertainment industry. This is a “body positive” class fostering confidence and positive body image.

Please wear: Comfortable clothes to move in. Hair tied up. Bare feet.

All students at this class get free entry to open Studio hours every Friday 6:30 to 8:00 pm

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