Camp 2020

Unleash your imagination, create art, learn dancing, explore drama and get inspired!

Art | Dance | Drama


5 to 12 years old - 7:45am to 5:00pm 

Topics covered during the span of each week.

Basic principles of Art, Drawing techniques, Acrylic on canvas, Fabric painting, Introduction to oil painting, Hands on sculpture, Stop motion animation, paper mache, get acquainted with some of the Master artists of all times, 3D Art / Crafts, Print making, Origami, embroidery, sewing, Introduction to drama class, Fun games focused on building self confidence, Bouncy castle fun.

Single Day camps available from 10th August onwards.

Stillyarts is offering safe environment to send your kids during the day while you are working. During School days students will log into virtual/home school accounts and tune into their lessons using the platform their school is offering. We have 10 computers set up at the studio which will be available on first come first serve. Students will need to bring their own headsets and devices if all the computers are already booked. We will set them up on our WIFI network. Registering at Stillyarts will not only allow them time to work on their studies during the day, but they will also have social interaction face to face with other students. We will set a schedule and stick to structured schedule each day.

Spots are limited. Please plan to send a refillable water bottle, lunch and a snack or two for your child every day. Students will be required to wear a mask when in the studio per our requirements and the City of Stillwater. Before & Aftercare can be provided until 6pm for an additional cost, if needed.

Pay for single day to secure your spot ,if you are not sure about the day/week. The credit can be used for any school`s out camp day. *(conditions apply)

Extended hours available-

  • 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Feel free to contact us at 405-547-0401 for any questions.

***Important Covid-19 measures:
a. Hand sanitizers will be placed at the entrance and reception desk for parents and students to sanitize hands.
b. Sanitized wipes will be used before and after classes to clean tables, door handles and painting supplies.
c. The floors and bathrooms will be sanitized even more frequently than the current maintenance schedule.
d. Students and instructors who feel sick are not permitted into classes or camp days until they have seen and been property treated by a doctor. If you are not sure, do not come to class until you have a visit with your doctor.

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Camp enrollment

  • Posted on: 12 June 2018
  • By: neha
Please mention the dates in comments, if you choose to do single day/s.
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