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Camp Registration

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Early registration discount till March 30th
(20th-24th May): Messy Art
(27th – 31st May): Mythical Creatures
(3rd – 7th June): Watercolor
(10th – 14th June): Doodles and character drawing
(17th – 21st June): Seascape, landscapes, and more
(24th -28th June): Harry Potter and Illusion Art
(1st – 3rd July): Pottery
(8th – 12th July): Crotchet and canvas knitting
(15th – 19th July): Explore the outer space
(22nd – 26th July): Claymation and 3D Art
(29th – 2nd August): Messy Art Camp
(5th – 9th August): Travel the World Art
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